Software Developer/ Engineer/ Architect

Sr Product Security Engineer

We’re not yesterday’s IT department, we're Digital Technology. The world around us keeps changing and so do we. We’re redefining what it means to be IT with a mindset centered on transformation, experience, AI-driven automation, innovation, and growth. We’re all about delivering delightful, secure customer and employee experiences that accelerate ServiceNow’s journey to become the defining enterprise software company of the 21st century. And we love co-creating, using, and highlighting our own products to do it. 

Ultimately, we strive to make the world work better for our employees and customers—when you work in ServiceNow Digital Technology, you work for them. 


ServiceNow’s Office of the CISO team leverages its diverse, highly skilled security background and expertise to help enhance ServiceNow’s internal and external security program and communicate ServiceNow’s commitment towards security to the world.  The global team works closely with other components in ServiceNow’s Organization on security-related topics and directly interfaces with ServiceNow customers.


This critical position values integrity, quality, expertise, precision, communication, and efficiency and is looking for security professionals with developing to established security backgrounds and excellent communications. 

As an Application Security Engineer on the Global Security Support Center, you’ll be responsible for investigating reported application security vulnerabilities. You will work with customers, external security researchers and developers to proof & document reported vulnerabilities. This will require web application security knowledge, analytical debugging skills and strong programming language proficiency.

What you get to do in this role:

·       Perform software auditing services to discover, communicate, and recommend remediation activities for software vulnerabilities.

·       Help customers pentest their environments and deal with respective regulatory requirements.

·       Support Security Findings reported by customers and ensure they fully understand the finding outcomes.

·       Report problems based on confirmed security findings.

·       Contribute to architecting roadmaps for customer pentest & security finding program

·       Aide in development efforts by testing the proposed solutions for customer pen test & security finding application implementation within ServiceNow platform.

1-2 years of experience of web application security auditing including code review

·       Strong verbal communication skills with an emphasis on application remediation processes

·       Ability to deliver technical reports and communicate technical concepts to both non-technical business users as well as technical stakeholders.

·       Developer level proficiency in at least one language - Python, Java, or JavaScript preferred

·       In-depth knowledge of common web application vulnerabilities (OWASP Top Ten).

·       Offensive Security OSWE and/or OSCP certification(s) a plus.

·       Strong understanding of web (or mobile) application security assessment techniques

·       Ability to articulate complex issues to peers, executives, and customers

·       Strong interpersonal skills

·       Self-motivated and driven; ability to perform and excel with little supervision

·       Excellent collaborator and teammate; ability to foster and feed off coworkers

·       Great team player

·       A passion for security