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Senior Technical Writer

Our Exciting Opportunity

We are now looking for a Senior Technical Writer to join our team.

Are you the person who wants to take the opportunity to shape the future of technology, working in the End to End Product Information team?

The team consists of experienced technical writers creating and updating product information for Network Management and Orchestration products.

In this role you will work as a Product Information Guardian and a Senior Technical Writer ensuring that your products information delivered is of sufficient quality.
Job Description
Under minimal supervision, the candidate is required to:

  • Guardian of the product information for your product:
    • Working with other technical writers and developers on ensuring standards and best practice compliance, which includes coaching and promoting awareness
    • Driving quality to ensure a high level of quality in deliverables
    • Recommending reuse strategies
    • Proactively seeking feedback from end users.
  • Create and update existing documentation including API guides and online help
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts and scrum teams to gather required information for technical documentation.
  • Maintain content for and manage multiple projects simultaneously; learn the products and work as an integral part of the product team
  • Maintain an understanding of best practices, current technologies, trends, and business strategies.
  • Organize content-based initiatives among global team members in Europe, India, and North America while remaining sensitive to differences stemming from culture, policy, and politics.
  • Coordinate document reviews with the appropriate development and test teams
  • Manage and close documentation bugs in a timely manner.
  • Serve as the gatekeeper for any content coming into the system:
    • Works collaboratively with the content development managers, writers, and editors to inform and refine the content model to support customer and product requirements.
    • Defines guidelines for organizing and labeling topics, defines the appropriate level of content chunking, and oversees content contributions to ensure consistent structure.
    • Defines and administers a clear submission process to encourage writers to improve the user help.

Experience Required:

  • Proven Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Experience in technical writing, preferably within the telecommunication and software sector
  • Coaching and mentoring experience
  • Driving efficiency and quality improvements
  • Experience authoring and managing technical software documentation
  • Proven Expertise in developing structured and reusable content using DITA and a CMS
  • Understanding of data modeling (conceptual, logical and physical), understanding of semantic modelling and graph databases
  • Knowledge of semantic web standards (RDF/RDFS/OWL/SKOS/SPARQL) an advantage
  • Experience using and developing formal ontologies an advantage
  • Working knowledge of industry standard Ontology tools an advantage
  • Experience working in a continuous deployment and Agile environment where content needs to be updated regularly and rapidly
  • Knowledge of telecoms, project management, confluence, JIRA and user interface design experience are a plus
  • Ability to foster and maintain communication with subject matter experts and collaborate with content strategists and development teams to effectively collate content matter.

Relevant Degree in related field