IT Trainer, Tech Writer, Graphics Design etc

Senior Technical Writer

As a recognized leader in disciplined agile and lean software development practices, VMware Tanzu Data Services combines the Silicon Valley state of mind, modern approach, and infrastructure with organizations’ core expertise and values. Our cloud-native platform and suite of data tools drive software innovation for many of the world’s most admired brands, helping enterprises move at start-up speeds and with greater business agility. We optimize for change and teach next-generation developers to create and build new solutions, and are committed to open source and open standards.

Our methodology is about evolving, in both development and innovation, and our culture is empowering. Our employees across offices worldwide subscribe to an ethos of kindness. We make a point to bring empathy to each and every project, and are guided by a purposeful mission—to transform how the world builds software.


You believe that the word 'technical' appears first in the title 'technical writer' for a reason. You love explaining how technology works and know that with complex systems, good documentation makes the difference between users floundering and succeeding. You have strong technical skills and love learning new technologies. You like to collaborate, and judge your success by the overall success of the team.


Tanzu Data Services tackles the technical challenges that come with massively parallel distributed systems operating on petabytes of data across thousands of nodes. We delve into areas like query optimization, high-performance in-memory transaction and query processing, parallel and distributed execution of advanced data processing algorithms, resource management, and storage. On this team, you'll be working on hard, worthwhile problems with a collaborative team.

Your Day

Every day brings new adventures. In a typical day, you’ll:

  • Collaborate with developers, product managers, and other writers.
  • Wrestle with Git, GitHub, and VMware's documentation publishing toolset.
  • Spin up Linux containers, virtual machines, and Kubernetes clusters to take a new product feature out for a test drive.
  • Research writing assignments using a variety of sources including: trying out the feature, reviewing issues, code, and commit messages, and interviewing subject matter experts.
  • Write and publish world-class technical documentation using Markdown and/or DITA XML.
  • Contribute to an open source projects used by developers and customers around the world
  • Ability to dive into a complex distributed system and contribute while learning.
  • Experience writing documentation for complex technical products.
    (You know how to explain the contents of a huge configuration file in such a way that a system operator sees configuration as a tractable task.)
  • Ability to create and manage your own project milestones to meet the needs of the overall product release cycle

Desired Skills / Experiences

  • Facility with the UNIX operating system.
    (You know how to tell what processes are running and how to list hidden dot files. You are comfortable in a UNIX shell.)
  • Knowledge of markdown, DITA XML, or other markup languages that allow you to create documentation in flat text files.
    (You understand why flat text files are preferable for technical documentation because you have experience using source control to manage docs.)
  • Some hands-on experience with writing code, administering databases, or other technical work.