Software Developer/ Engineer/ Architect

Senior Serverless Platform Architect

The mission of Huawei Ireland Research Center CT Operations Lab is to be recognized leaders of world class intelligent and autonomous operation for Autonomous Driving Networks in telecommunication network area, influencing market and product development in order to deliver significant business value. The Lab conducts research on the state-of-art serverless infrastructure platform technologies to build the foundation for better computation and data capabilities for applications and developers for the management of Autonomous Driving Networks. It also provides an opportunity to drive leadership in industry standards and advance technology.

As a Senior Serverless platform architect you will apply your knowledge and experience in Serverless/FaaS core architecture to help deliver innovation for breakthrough technological capabilities of a function and data platform. This function and data platform will be a core solution of our next generation platform, enabling rapid development, performance and trustworthiness for customer products and solutions. Its aims to put data as first class citizen with realtime processing of large scale multimodal data – Big Data meets Serverless and challenging the stateless aspect of traditional Serverless approaches.

The successful candidate will have practical experience in Serverless/FaaS runtimes, solutions and architecture and be motivated to research current/future directions and standards within this domain. It is a full-time employee position.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Research the key technologies for our next generation Serverless platform, help to build a highly available and easily expandable serverless computing platform.
  • Explore stateful Serverless Computing.
  • Research secure and high-performance orchestration mechanisms.
  • Develop the key technologies required to deliver breakthroughs in the function and data platform.
  • Analyse and optimize for high performance and low overhead data centric platform.
  • Seek to achieve targets greater than current state of art in serverless cold and warm start times.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in developing Serverless software and in-depth understanding of serverless architecture and related fields.
  • Experience in building large scale, low latency, fault-tolerant distributed systems.
  • Rich experience with Cloud Native or large scale distributed systems practices and technologies
  • Solid understand of WebAssembly or similar
  • Experience of development languages such Go and Rust or similar
  • Deep knowledge and experience with algorithms, design, data structures, and problem solving.
  • Curiosity and openness for emerging technologies.
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to adapt quickly to a fast-paced development environment
  • Check out Life at Huawei Ireland Research Centre
  • Competitive salary package
  • Long-term personal growth space
  • Opportunities to work on high profile initiatives that impact the whole company
  • Opportunities to work with the brightest minds in software engineering (including Huawei Fellow and renowned professors in the world)
  • A multi-cultural, international working environment
  • Work for an international world leader, an established yet still rapidly growing Fortune 500 company.