Software Developer/ Engineer/ Architect

Principal Software Engineer

Huawei Consumer Business Group focus on User Experience to craft leading cloud services globally. Huawei Consumer BG continue to focus on intelligence and interaction, and devote efforts to developing the intelligent devices of the future, in order to bring about tremendous improvements to the user experience.

Adopting a customer experience-centric approach, Huawei's Consumer Cloud Services aim to provide users around the globe with high-quality digital cloud services in order to enhance user experience and construct a sustainable cloud service ecosystem for Huawei devices.

Huawei Consumer Cloud Services is committed to providing users with a range of secure, rich, and high-quality services through device-cloud collaboration and by adopting a distinct Internet-based approach. We provide leading cloud services.

Huawei Application Gallery is now one of the top app stores in the world, serving users in numerous countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. HiCloud services connect with more than 100 million Huawei phones worldwide, providing users with personal data syncing, storage, and management. Millions photos and new contacts are added daily, and huge amount of data has been stored on the cloud. SkyTone brings together more than 50 carriers across 80 countries and regions to provide SIM-free Internet access for millions of users of high-end Huawei phones. Huawei Videos, an amazing, ad-free video service, adopts WiseVideo technology to provide more vivid, smoother videos with beautiful color.

Huawei Consumer Cloud Services provides developers with the capability to serve users around the world, and is committed to building an open and inclusive ecosystem that benefits all.

Huawei Consumer Cloud Services reaches users in more than 200 countries and regions. Accordingly, Huawei Consumer Cloud Services has obtained the relevant approvals in security and private data management in multiple countries and regions around the world. Huawei Consumer Cloud Services continue to deploy cloud services around the world, work alongside partners to provide users with a range of secure and high-quality digital cloud services, unleash its cloud capabilities, and spearhead the sound development of the industry.

Huawei Mobile Service HMS offers a rich array of open device and cloud capabilities, which facilitate efficient development, fast growth, and flexible monetization. This enables global developers to pursue ground-breaking innovation, deliver next-level user experiences, and make premium content and services broadly accessible.

We are currently looking for a Principal Software Engineer for HMS Account to join Huawei Consumer Cloud Services based in our Ireland Research Center.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Research, conceive and develop innovative and complex software applications to extend and improve the Huawei Account Cloud Service.
  • Managing Huawei consumer account, settings, and response to EU privacy law (GDPR).
  • Develop the intelligence service to account security and anti-abuse and anti-fraud.
  • Improve the user security & trust experience of account login, account lock & unlock.
  • Support the federated identity service for all of Huawei device with one account.
  • Open the account service to HMS developer, and OpenID, OAuth2 identity service.
  • Work closely with the Product Management, UX, and wider Engineering teams to ensure effective development of innovative and user-friendly products.
  • Drive technical projects; focus on design and architectural decision making for the team.
  • Utilize exposure to large-scale production software troubleshooting.
  • Gains in-depth insight into new technology trends in the industry and convert them into system implementation, and gains in-depth insight into business requirements of vertical partners, and improve competitiveness of products for ecosystem.
  • Successful architecture design, system design and product development experience in mobile application account services.
  • Master's degree or PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related technical field of study.
  • At least 5 years of experience in software engineering including experience with web services or mobile client software.
  • Software development experience in several general-purpose programming languages including Java and Python.
  • Ability to lead a team of software engineers, empower them and guide them to deliver high quality solutions.
  • Ability to recruit and develop top technical talent.
  • Passion for technology and taking on complex and ambiguous technical problems.
  • Passion for shaping top quality consumer centric products.
  • Deep understanding of ecosystem construction, including top app ecosystem and consumer mobile services is a plus.
  • Experience in mobile application ecosystem planning and development, brand marketing, and commercial operation is a plus.
  • Solid experience with data structures, algorithms and software design.
  • Experience in billions of account service and Machine Learning.
  • Knowledge or interest in security, malware, or identity related topics.
  • Extensive experience designing and implementing large-scale distributed systems.
  • Good communication, promotion and coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.