Software Developer/ Engineer/ Architect

Lead Systems Platform Architect


Infrastructure Design Services is a team of Technology Architects and Engineers responsible for the analysis and design of the infrastructure framework to fit the application, platform or system needs in-line with MasterCard's operational standards and principles.

Infrastructure Design Services is engaged from the beginning of the analysis and design phase to work with the application team(s) and other critical teams within Mastercard to ensure that the completed infrastructure and application architecture aligns with MasterCard’s security, scalability and availability standards.

Infrastructure Design Services' primary deliverable is the TAD (Technical Architecture Document) which details the infrastructure design for the application, platform or system.

This job requires experience in internet fundamentals related to web servers, application servers, internet security and other internet technologies.

This job actively performs designing and delivering internet infrastructure solutions that satisfy member, product, service and backbone requirements.

Have you ever worked with Microsoft Visio to design middleware infrastructure from the ground up?

Can you interface with the user(s), application team(s), etc., and all other stakeholders in order to determine their (evolving) needs and requirements?

Can you generate the highest level of system requirements, based on the given requirements and other constraints?

Can you ensure that this set of high level requirements is consistent, complete, correct, and operationally defined?


• Generating requirements, together with other architects, engineers, application team(s) and user(s), to determine that all of the high level requirements have been met.

• Generating products such as TADs, technical documents, logical flows, and models to keep the user(s), architects and the engineers constantly up to date and in agreement on the application, system or platform to be provided as it is evolving.

• Ensuring that all architectural products and products with architectural input are maintained in the most current state and never allowed to become obsolete.

• Resolve internet architectural and operational problems impacting infrastructure and product availability and performance globally.

• Research and evaluate new technology for possible deployment in MasterCard’s internet infrastructure.

• May assume lead and total accountability for ongoing regional projects as assigned; including responsibility for planning; time and cost control; resource utilization and implementation.

• Implement, manage and support internet infrastructure components while leveraging current standards and best practices.

• Perform problem diagnosis; performance tuning; capacity planning and configuration management for MasterCard internet components.

• Assure system stability and future compatibility by monitoring production execution of all relevant systems.

• Thorough knowledge and understanding of network, operating system principles and web middleware.

• Thorough knowledge in one or more core functions related to internet infrastructure design and/or web administration.

• Must be high-energy, proactive, detail-oriented and able to function under pressure in an independent environment.

• Must have a high degree of initiative and self-motivation and demonstrate the ability to drive results.

• Strong communication skills both verbal and written and strong relationship and collaborative skills and organizational skills with the ability to work as a member of matrix based diverse and geographically distributed project team.

• Willingness and ability to learn and take on challenging opportunities is critical