Software Developer/ Engineer/ Architect

Lead Database Performance Engineer

Job Details

Salesforce is looking for a Lead Database Performance Engineer to join the Core Database Performance team. This team is responsible for proactively finding and making performance fixes and optimizations in our production environment by tuning SQL queries, database parameters, etc. to ensure the platform can scale and perform at its peak levels at all times. Team also handles customer escalations with regards to performance and either provides the right solutions or works with other teams in driving the right fixes in our code base.



Work on improving Database Performance (SQL/Performance Tuning)  

Monitor and respond to trends in Production workload performance before they become a problem

Work with our Development teams to design and tune Salesforce products for Optimal Performance and Scalability

Work with our Operations Staff to triage and resolve Production performance issues

Monitor Database Performance and usage, optimizing both queries and the code that generates them 

Participate in Weekend On call rotation

Basic  Qualifications:

B.S. degree or higher

7+ years of solid hands on experience in Oracle Performance Tuning,

 Development and Maintenance of SQL, PL/SQL

 Experience with PostgreSQL a plus


Preferred Qualifications:

Excellent working knowledge of SQL Trace, TKPROF, Statspack, and AWR reports

Experience troubleshooting locking issues, wait events, hang analysis and develop solutions to fix them

Experience in identifying bottlenecks for Scalability and Performance 

Experience with Database Cluster/Multi-tenant/cloud Architecture (RAC, Grid Infrastructure).

Experience with PostgreSQL Performance Tuning 

Working in a highly collaborative team