Software Developer/ Engineer/ Architect

Front-end Software Engineer


At Conduktor, our mission is to help companies operate their data by making their data streaming journey with Apache Kafka easier. We are a full-remote startup mostly based in Europe and we are looking for highly motivated, tech/data-oriented people who want to share this amazing journey with us.

We have thousands of happy users around the world from Fortune 500 companies, and we need your help to scale up!

The role

We are looking for front-end developers to help us build our various products (internal and public-facing).

To be successful in this role you must have experience with React and Typescript (several years for both), understand the product, have experience with GraphQL, and used to work with backend teams (we are working with Scala).

What will you be doing?

  • Build our new shiny products (React/TS/GraphQL)
  • Bring your Front-end experience to improve the overall code quality, tools and processes
  • Work with our backend teams (Scala backends) using GraphQL and OpenAPI
  • Work with our UI/UX designer to ensure the user experience to be flawless

What skills & experience do you need?

  • Pass our Coding Challenge reviewed by our team: Go to Github to access the challenge
  • 3+ years using React + TS
  • GraphQL experience, OpenAPI
  • Excellent communication skills, interest in social engagement
  • Enjoys working in a team, helping each other.
  • (bonus) Apache Kafka. No prior knowledge is necessary, but you will develop interfaces for this so it's good to understand!